baby k.

Hello all of you lovely people in media land! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on this site, and I can’t believe since my last post we have a nearly seven month old babe! Life has been flying by, but we are doing so well on the home front and I have been loving every minute of this down time soaking up alllllll the baby snuggles.

Baby Kade came to us in style on December 24…yup, he’s a Christmas Eve kiddo, and I just realized his sweet little squishy face is yet to be seen around here! So please be merciful that I’m dampening this glorious summer weather with speak of the C-word, ha!

We were in and out of hospital like a whirlwind and back home just 12 hours after Kade was born. Waking up as a family of four on Christmas morning was pretty surreal, and I’m still shocked I managed to snap these images in my sleep deprived, she-warrior state. But I am SO glad I did! He’s been the most amazing addition to our clan, the best little brother to Chase, and it feels like he has truly always been a part of our family.

So, enjoy these insanely late photos of our best present ever.

(All the heart eyes, right?!)

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