January 1st is here!

I’ve been so grateful to have my husband home for the last 10 days, and it’s been ah-ma-zing to have such a low key holiday season this time around. We’ve spent more days clad in jammies than we have dressed and it’s just what we all needed!

I want to be intentional this year about getting inspired by the things around me and to spend more time with my camera in hand. And what better way to kick off this resolution than to spend some time with my friend @johnpohlphotography at one of the coolest little wildlife saturated parks in this beautiful city. It warmed from -40 degrees mere hours ago to a balmy -12 while we roamed, but I was still frozen to the core with that bitter -20 wind chill. We kept this session short, but were able to find some incredible wildlife to get up close and personal with.

One of my best experiences was meeting a curious little doe this summer, and this time around did not disappoint! These winter deer are stunning, and can be coaxed out of the comfort of their surroundings with a little patience and some enticing field grass to munch on. I don’t know how we managed this again, but I had a beautiful baby interested enough to let me get a quick scratch on her muzzle, as she munched that wheat right out of my hand.

So, as I sit in the comfort (and warmth!) of our home, I wish you blessings in all of your 2018 endeavors, and I hope you enjoy the images!


When did life get so busy?! I’m sure these have been some of the busiest summer + fall seasons I have seen in years, and I’m still a little shocked that Christmas is next month…umm, what?! But what was even more surprising, was my email from the lovely Tamara who asked me to do one year photos for sweet baby R.

Wait, what???

That’s right. This little lady is already ONE and it seems like just yesterday that I met her for the first time and did a newborn session in this beautiful family’s home.

SO much changes in a year, and this sweet girl is one big handful of sweetness and sass! It was such a pleasure (as it always is) to join in these lives for a brief time and capture some candid moments of love and laughter. These images are a perfect glimpse into the “adventure” that is 1 (and she’s not even walking yet! Ha).


And happy birthday (not so baby) girl.


Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with some dear people.

You may recognize these lovely faces from sessions past, when I captured some maternity and baby photos when little Beckham made his arrival.

I’ve said it before, I love what I do. And this is why. These are some of the best folks I know, and I’m so blessed each time I get to photograph them.

Although family sessions are usually not without some chaos (Beckham needs to be fit for his own racing tires), this family was full of joy and it was so great to be a part of.


simple life.

I’ve lived a lot of places.

I’ve seen the city.  I’ve tasted the salt air of the ocean while I ran through my childhood back yard. I’ve hunkered down in basement suites in suburbia and curled up to read books on concrete stairs. I’ve laid on hay bales, I’ve hunted for frogs, I’ve taken the city train through downtown metropolises and sipped cocoa from mountain tops with frozen finger tips. But what really fills my heart up, is this; these fields. This country life. And the absence of everything else. The escape from traffic, from deadlines, from hot tarmac and tall buildings. What fills me up, took me thirty years to find. It’s the places that I’m free inside, where I can sit under the hot prairie sky that stretches for days. Where I can walk barefoot through tall weeds and hear the endless chirping of crickets. It’s sunsets over open plains and water bugs dancing on their own reflection. It’s the simple moments where I can think and feel who I truly am and the beauty all around me becomes undeniable. Beauty that reminds me why I am so blessed to be alive in a universe so much bigger than me.


Summer nights.

Hello lovely people.

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy with “life”. Our son has just celebrated his 4th birthday (gasp), we have had 2 camping excursions and moved my mother out from BC to stay with us in these beautiful prairies I get to call home, ALL in the last month. It’s been a wonderful, hectic and memorable July, and we have had so much fun together as a family. But nights like this one, where I get to walk next to a friend and drink in our beautiful city behind my lens does something different to fill up my soul.

This was a great night. We were surprised by an curious little doe who got up close and personal with us, cautiously nibbling at clover stems in our hands and licking our fingers clean. The sun was streaming gold and the sunset was spectacular, and although I probably fed 100 mosquitoes, I’m looking forward to doing it all over again.

Enjoy. xo

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These girls.

It’s been a busy spring so far, and I’ve been so blessed to spend many days with some lovely people in front of my lens, just how I like it.

Meet the Kopp girls. Joyful, kind, loving and bold are just a handful of words I would use to describe this trio.

With Tea being a new 2017 grad (shout out!) we wanted to have some fun and play with images in an urban setting, so we found ourselves downtown in this beautiful city to work with some color and texture. The day was perfect and the tone fit just right. And let’s not forget about this girl’s stunning dress! Yowza!

Afterwards, we sought out a softer setting outdoors to snap some family images. Their love for each other shows in these shots, and I had such a pleasure working with these fierce women.

So take a peek at some of my favorites, and congratulations again Tea on your graduation!


The Mr & Mrs

Wedding season is upon us, and kicking it off with this beautiful couple was so, so lovely.

Young love is sweet. It’s joyful, it’s hopeful and it’s contagious. And it’s easy to see this couple has a lifetime of happiness awaiting them.

Since photographing their sweet winter engagement images, it felt like the day would never arrive, but finally spring came and I was so grateful to get to spend this day capturing these moments. And despite the blustery winds and the storm that loomed over the city all afternoon, the day went so well.

To the newlyweds- I wish you a lifetime of blessings and so much happiness in your future together.


Jason and Morgan.

Newest on the blog is this lovely couple. Meet Jason and Morgan. They will be wed in just four months time and we thought it would be fun to capture some snowy, winter engagement photos.

We were lucky to catch a perfect day in the midst of an extreme cold snap, so minus five felt like the Bahamas.

This couple is sweet, affectionate and in love. And it shows.

So blessed to be kicking off 2017 spending time with people like this.



Here it is, my official last post of 2016. What a year it’s been.

I have had the pleasure of spending time such lovely people, and I’m always so humbled that I get to spend my time doing something I absolutely love.

So, without further ado, here is the sweet baby Rosalia. You may have seen momma and daddy in their maternity session last month, if not, take a peek! They are a beautiful family, and I was so excited to meet baby R and spend this time with them all.

We found some comfortable spots around the families beautiful home and relaxed in the warm December sun rays while Rosalia was surrounded by endless adoration.

So many of these images warm my heart. Enjoy.

Cheers to 2017.

Avery Paulina

She’s here.

Would you like to know the best part about being a maternity photographer? It’s that I get to meet that little scrunchy babe and soak up every ounce of newborn deliciousness a few weeks later.

Meet sweet little Avery.

Just 15 days new and one of the loveliest little things I have ever seen.

We got to spend some time in the families home for this session, and got to play in all the amazing natural winter light. I’m always blessed to be around this group of people, and I’m so happy that I got to capture these moments.

Isn’t she yummy?