Transition can be tricky. Transition can take you out of your comfort zone, it can grow you, and you can’t always see your safe landing. As we grew from our family of 3 to our family of 4, it felt like the season of transition would never end. There were new responsibilities to take on, new routines to start, new emotions to be felt (by our son and us, alike), a new school year and some scarifies to be made. But as we transitioned through this new season together as a family, what stood out to me was the commitment to each other. Us. This little crew that we get to call our own.

I have said it before, we have been so greatly blessed along this journey, and there are no other people I would rather do life with than these crazy humans. As summer comes to and end and we move toward autumn, I’m reminded again how much I have to be thankful for. Discomfort or not, each and every season of change in my life has brought me exactly here with these people. And I am forever grateful for the love, the support, the encouragement, the laughter, the sloppy wet baby kisses and the tickle fights that happen each night on our living room floor.

And I’m extra thankful for a husband who says, “sure”, when I tell him it’s been too long since I’ve had time behind my lens and I need to go out and capture some love to fill up my bucket again.

So, this is us. I hope you enjoy the images!

baby k.

Hello all of you lovely people in media land! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on this site, and I can’t believe since my last post we have a nearly seven month old babe! Life has been flying by, but we are doing so well on the home front and I have been loving every minute of this down time soaking up alllllll the baby snuggles.

Baby Kade came to us in style on December 24…yup, he’s a Christmas Eve kiddo, and I just realized his sweet little squishy face is yet to be seen around here! So please be merciful that I’m dampening this glorious summer weather with speak of the C-word, ha!

We were in and out of hospital like a whirlwind and back home just 12 hours after Kade was born. Waking up as a family of four on Christmas morning was pretty surreal, and I’m still shocked I managed to snap these images in my sleep deprived, she-warrior state. But I am SO glad I did! He’s been the most amazing addition to our clan, the best little brother to Chase, and it feels like he has truly always been a part of our family.

So, enjoy these insanely late photos of our best present ever.

(All the heart eyes, right?!)


When did life get so busy?! I’m sure these have been some of the busiest summer + fall seasons I have seen in years, and I’m still a little shocked that Christmas is next month…umm, what?! But what was even more surprising, was my email from the lovely Tamara who asked me to do one year photos for sweet baby R.

Wait, what???

That’s right. This little lady is already ONE and it seems like just yesterday that I met her for the first time and did a newborn session in this beautiful family’s home.

SO much changes in a year, and this sweet girl is one big handful of sweetness and sass! It was such a pleasure (as it always is) to join in these lives for a brief time and capture some candid moments of love and laughter. These images are a perfect glimpse into the “adventure” that is 1 (and she’s not even walking yet! Ha).


And happy birthday (not so baby) girl.

Avery Paulina

She’s here.

Would you like to know the best part about being a maternity photographer? It’s that I get to meet that little scrunchy babe and soak up every ounce of newborn deliciousness a few weeks later.

Meet sweet little Avery.

Just 15 days new and one of the loveliest little things I have ever seen.

We got to spend some time in the families home for this session, and got to play in all the amazing natural winter light. I’m always blessed to be around this group of people, and I’m so happy that I got to capture these moments.

Isn’t she yummy?