Transition can be tricky. Transition can take you out of your comfort zone, it can grow you, and you can’t always see your safe landing. As we grew from our family of 3 to our family of 4, it felt like the season of transition would never end. There were new responsibilities to take on, new routines to start, new emotions to be felt (by our son and us, alike), a new school year and some scarifies to be made. But as we transitioned through this new season together as a family, what stood out to me was the commitment to each other. Us. This little crew that we get to call our own.

I have said it before, we have been so greatly blessed along this journey, and there are no other people I would rather do life with than these crazy humans. As summer comes to and end and we move toward autumn, I’m reminded again how much I have to be thankful for. Discomfort or not, each and every season of change in my life has brought me exactly here with these people. And I am forever grateful for the love, the support, the encouragement, the laughter, the sloppy wet baby kisses and the tickle fights that happen each night on our living room floor.

And I’m extra thankful for a husband who says, “sure”, when I tell him it’s been too long since I’ve had time behind my lens and I need to go out and capture some love to fill up my bucket again.

So, this is us. I hope you enjoy the images!


January 1st is here!

I’ve been so grateful to have my husband home for the last 10 days, and it’s been ah-ma-zing to have such a low key holiday season this time around. We’ve spent more days clad in jammies than we have dressed and it’s just what we all needed!

I want to be intentional this year about getting inspired by the things around me and to spend more time with my camera in hand. And what better way to kick off this resolution than to spend some time with my friend @johnpohlphotography at one of the coolest little wildlife saturated parks in this beautiful city. It warmed from -40 degrees mere hours ago to a balmy -12 while we roamed, but I was still frozen to the core with that bitter -20 wind chill. We kept this session short, but were able to find some incredible wildlife to get up close and personal with.

One of my best experiences was meeting a curious little doe this summer, and this time around did not disappoint! These winter deer are stunning, and can be coaxed out of the comfort of their surroundings with a little patience and some enticing field grass to munch on. I don’t know how we managed this again, but I had a beautiful baby interested enough to let me get a quick scratch on her muzzle, as she munched that wheat right out of my hand.

So, as I sit in the comfort (and warmth!) of our home, I wish you blessings in all of your 2018 endeavors, and I hope you enjoy the images!

simple life.

I’ve lived a lot of places.

I’ve seen the city.  I’ve tasted the salt air of the ocean while I ran through my childhood back yard. I’ve hunkered down in basement suites in suburbia and curled up to read books on concrete stairs. I’ve laid on hay bales, I’ve hunted for frogs, I’ve taken the city train through downtown metropolises and sipped cocoa from mountain tops with frozen finger tips. But what really fills my heart up, is this; these fields. This country life. And the absence of everything else. The escape from traffic, from deadlines, from hot tarmac and tall buildings. What fills me up, took me thirty years to find. It’s the places that I’m free inside, where I can sit under the hot prairie sky that stretches for days. Where I can walk barefoot through tall weeds and hear the endless chirping of crickets. It’s sunsets over open plains and water bugs dancing on their own reflection. It’s the simple moments where I can think and feel who I truly am and the beauty all around me becomes undeniable. Beauty that reminds me why I am so blessed to be alive in a universe so much bigger than me.


Summer nights.

Hello lovely people.

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy with “life”. Our son has just celebrated his 4th birthday (gasp), we have had 2 camping excursions and moved my mother out from BC to stay with us in these beautiful prairies I get to call home, ALL in the last month. It’s been a wonderful, hectic and memorable July, and we have had so much fun together as a family. But nights like this one, where I get to walk next to a friend and drink in our beautiful city behind my lens does something different to fill up my soul.

This was a great night. We were surprised by an curious little doe who got up close and personal with us, cautiously nibbling at clover stems in our hands and licking our fingers clean. The sun was streaming gold and the sunset was spectacular, and although I probably fed 100 mosquitoes, I’m looking forward to doing it all over again.

Enjoy. xo

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Lately, I have had puppies on the brain. Over the past six months, my hubby and I have been considering [read: I have been begging my husband for] a dog. Well, I think we may have had a break through… but more on that later! Last week, a friend asked me to do some photos for one of her fostered rescue dogs from the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, and of course I jumped at the opportunity! There is nothing better than a sunny day and a rough and tumble pup. This is seriously what my dreams are made of lately! Not only was this beyond fun for me, but AARCS is an amazing foundation working towards bettering the lives of abandoned or surrendered animals by fostering and rehabilitating abused or neglected pets until they can find suitable forever homes. They rely on the kindness and dedication of volunteers and are working toward developing a sanctuary where they can provide more space and care for these animals in need. Bowzer here is just one of the many furry friends spending time with a foster parent until he is ready to be adopted out. If you would like any more information this beautiful boy or other adoptable pets, or to make a donation, head on over to the AARCS website at


Camp McKinnon.

I have to confess something. I am not a great camper. Usually my love of nature and the great outdoors is overshadowed  by my fear of spiders and dislike of being even slightly cold, but my hubby has been suggesting for a while now that we get a trailer to make the experience slightly more enjoyable for me, so this past spring we did it. And wouldn’t you know, he was RIGHT! I may get some arguments against it, but this, friends, is camping. This weekend we had our first family outing and we had a blast! And the only thing I had to worry about was eating too many s’mores (which, I obviously did). I’m so looking forward to making more memories “glamping” with some of my favorite humans. Even if that might be faking it. Enjoy the pics!

Stephanie & Randy

Meet The Klaver’s. Fun, warm, and sweet are just a few words I would use to describe this couple and the atmosphere of our newborn session. Once their little boy made his debut, we  decided to stay indoors and focus on their new little one with some natural lighting in a comfortable environment. Baby Grey was only 10 days old. I was able to see Stephanie and Randy in a very comfortable and casual state as they showed off their handsome little man.

I could not have been happier to capture this family. Not only are they wonderful friends, but have become amazing parents to baby Greysen. Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments!