Concert in the Country

THIS is something to be excited about.

This past weekend I had the absolute privilege to attend the first annual fundraiser for the Terminator Foundation, hosted by Stacey & Garrett Janzen.

The not-for-profit Terminator Foundation was founded by Vanisha Breault, a powerful and passionate motivational speaker.

“Vanisha has been a pillar of strength in her Community and coined a “Social Justice Warrior”. Through her efforts she has received recognition, most recently, The Nadine Stirling Memorial Award in 2018 from the Canadian Mental Health Association of Alberta, the ‘National Every Day Hero’ in 2014, and also the recipient of The Wild Rose Award in 2016.

The Terminator Foundations vision is to reach all youth and young adults who are impacted by addiction and mental health and radically transform their lives through sports coaching, peer support, team training, endurance and triathlon participation while supporting efforts to terminate the shame and indignity of addiction with education,awareness and understanding. Terminator Foundation is a collaboration of integrated health care systems who support youth and young adults in their effort to recover from addiction and mental health issues. Our goal is to strengthen recovery through a continuum of care model that incorporates physical exercise in the sport of Triathlon training, personal coaching, and community engagement. The Terminator Foundation brings effective action in the areas of education, awareness and compassion to make a difference in the lives of youth, their families, our communities, cities and across the country.” (source:

This private event was open to all first responders, and was held in beautiful Rocky View County. And in perfect Alberta style, we were dumped on with snow that lasted all through the event (and didn’t let up all weekend. Um, where’d fall go?!)

The night was warmed with roaring bonfires across the snowy acreage and the massively talented CPS band, FrontLine, blessed us with some seriously good live music. The night boasted a BBQ, a silent auction with some incredible donations, and ended with several inspirational speeches from Vanisha, and her daughter, Eden, who spoke of their personal transformations and the value of this foundation + its incredible impact on the lives of young people fighting addiction and mental health challenges.

It was an honour to be a part of this night, and I’m so excited to see this foundation continue to grow and impact lives.

And a huge thank you to every first responder for all that you do daily + behind the scenes.

Enjoy the images!

For more information about the Terminator Foundation, please visit


Transition can be tricky. Transition can take you out of your comfort zone, it can grow you, and you can’t always see your safe landing. As we grew from our family of 3 to our family of 4, it felt like the season of transition would never end. There were new responsibilities to take on, new routines to start, new emotions to be felt (by our son and us, alike), a new school year and some scarifies to be made. But as we transitioned through this new season together as a family, what stood out to me was the commitment to each other. Us. This little crew that we get to call our own.

I have said it before, we have been so greatly blessed along this journey, and there are no other people I would rather do life with than these crazy humans. As summer comes to and end and we move toward autumn, I’m reminded again how much I have to be thankful for. Discomfort or not, each and every season of change in my life has brought me exactly here with these people. And I am forever grateful for the love, the support, the encouragement, the laughter, the sloppy wet baby kisses and the tickle fights that happen each night on our living room floor.

And I’m extra thankful for a husband who says, “sure”, when I tell him it’s been too long since I’ve had time behind my lens and I need to go out and capture some love to fill up my bucket again.

So, this is us. I hope you enjoy the images!


Lately, I have had puppies on the brain. Over the past six months, my hubby and I have been considering [read: I have been begging my husband for] a dog. Well, I think we may have had a break through… but more on that later! Last week, a friend asked me to do some photos for one of her fostered rescue dogs from the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, and of course I jumped at the opportunity! There is nothing better than a sunny day and a rough and tumble pup. This is seriously what my dreams are made of lately! Not only was this beyond fun for me, but AARCS is an amazing foundation working towards bettering the lives of abandoned or surrendered animals by fostering and rehabilitating abused or neglected pets until they can find suitable forever homes. They rely on the kindness and dedication of volunteers and are working toward developing a sanctuary where they can provide more space and care for these animals in need. Bowzer here is just one of the many furry friends spending time with a foster parent until he is ready to be adopted out. If you would like any more information this beautiful boy or other adoptable pets, or to make a donation, head on over to the AARCS website at


Bill & Kathee.

Here is another post from our amazing week in Tulum, Mexico. I had the privilege while we were there, of spending some time with this sweet couple (who just happen to be my in-laws!) to do a mini session. It was a dreamy sunset shoot with amazing natural lighting (my favourite) and I am so happy to have been there to capture these moments with them. You can see the love in these photos, and that is exactly why I do what I do. It was so relaxing to walk along the beach, warm sand surrounding my toes, and let this couple do the talking. Because, really, when I look back at these photos, words don’t seem necessary. These two? Enamorado. Enjoy the photos.

Stephanie & Randy

Meet The Klaver’s. Fun, warm, and sweet are just a few words I would use to describe this couple and the atmosphere of our newborn session. Once their little boy made his debut, we  decided to stay indoors and focus on their new little one with some natural lighting in a comfortable environment. Baby Grey was only 10 days old. I was able to see Stephanie and Randy in a very comfortable and casual state as they showed off their handsome little man.

I could not have been happier to capture this family. Not only are they wonderful friends, but have become amazing parents to baby Greysen. Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments!